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Calkins line of seals, seal support systems and bearing protectors is a comprehensive package that includes all components, including shaft packing and flow meters, seals and systems, bearing face and labyrinth seals.

  • Modular seal technology meets 90% of engineering applications across a variety of industrial pumps and fluid environments, including corrosives and abrasives.
  • Innovative and modular seal support systems that can prevent mechanical seal failure.
  • Bearing solutions that deliver bearing isolation and protection, preventing failures due to contamination of the bearing oil.

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Vibration Analysis is a predictive maintenance service which allows early problem detection in rotating machinery, such as: gearboxes, fans, shafts, motors, compressors, pumps, mixers, driers, etc. Vibration Analysis enables you to take maintenance action before a failure in service brings your plant to a halt.

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For Your Toughest Sealing Challenges

Flex-A-Seal Style 85
With the easiest installation of any split seal in the world, the Style 85 is designed to meet any municipal sealing challenge. The Style 85 is the only seal in which just two pieces are handled, virtually eliminating operator error. The ease of installation makes this seal perfect for hard-to-access equipment such as pumps, mixers and agitators, and both sealing faces are secured safely in cartridge halves and cannot be cocked, chipped or scarred.

Inferior mechanical seals for pump-based systems are a potential “Achilles’ heel” on the production floor, and in some industries fugitive emissions pose a significant environmental threat.

Calkins seals and seal support systems combine great design, high-quality construction and consistent performance in real-life field operations. With the right seals, your “Achilles heel” can become your hero, delivering trouble-free performance over extended periods without excessive maintenance, power usage or repair downtime.

Calkins supplies and services mechanical and cartridge seals for a variety of design groups, and in a wide range of configurations, including Single, Double, Split, Mixer, Bellows and Specialized. Calkins also provides and services bearing protection systems.

Flex-A-Seal mechanical seal